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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 26, 2011 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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tonight, startling allegations against a police officer, a man once named top cop in his department is now accused of sexual assaulting a young man and shooting him twice in the back. good evening. >> the story gets more disturbing in each detail against in the case against gene gillette from attempted sexual assault to murder. gillette turned himself in this evening and darcy spencer has more. >> reporter: i i was able to speak to the victim and he says he is pleased by indictment but he is in hiding. his family is concerned about retaliatio retaliation. gene gillette turned himself in after being indicted this morning. the officer claimed he was a victim of a carjacking.
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>> we can't take him out. >> reporter: irvin hall says that gillette picked up his son on july 2nd saying that there was a party at his house but hen he got there there was no party. the officer allegedly gave the 20-year-old victim drinks and tried to sexually abuse him and gillette pistol whipped him and shot him twice. >> he threw him on the ground and his whole arm was messed up. >> reporter: gillette told authorities he shot the victim when he tried to carjack him but investigators determined the story was not adding up. >> the police returned to the scene and they didn't take the first word and continued to investigate. they did a thorough job in investigating the case and trying to bring out the truth. >> reporter: gillette now indicted on 12 counts including attempted murder, assault, attempted sexual abuse and false
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imprisonment. the attorney's office is investigating to see if there are more victims. >> i'm sure there are other people out there that he may have done this too. maybe they will come forward. i sure wish they would put this sick guy away. >> reporter: i spoke to the police chief in mount rainier who said that the officer is an outstanding officer. he says it comes out of leld field. we -- left field. we thought very highly of him. and today that officer has been suspended without pay and being held without bond and faces life in prison if convicted on these charges. reporting live, darcy spencer, news4. there has been a bizarre series of attacks in shopping malls in the area and we're getting a look at the man suspected of slashing young women in the buttocks.
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fairfax county police released these pictures from the attack yesterday at fair oaks mall. that man is thought to be responsible for three other attacks at fair oaks and one at tyson's corner and one at the green brier shopping center. none of the victims had wounds that required stitches. in norway police believe the man behind the deadly attacks last week pretended to be a farm tore get the ingredients to make bombs. police detonated a cache of explosives at a farm leased by anders breivik. they believed he acted as a farmer to obtain the fertilize tore make explosives. they believe he shot 68 people at a youth camp. he pleaded not guilty claiming he was trying to save europe from muslim takeover. firefighters spent the night battling a huge fire in a
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warehouse north of san francisco. the flames shot up to 50 feet in the air. they could be seen for miles. the plant is in fairfield, california. they make plastic bins that are used to harvest products. an official responsible for making the district more bicycle friendly was hit while riding her bike to work this morning. she was crossing 12th street when a driver ran a red light and sideswiped her. she plays a major role in making the streets safe for everyone who uses them. >> the consequences are so uneven if there is a collision between someone who is walking or biking and someone who is driving. so i think the burden to be particularly careful, you know, needs to be on the entity that can do the most harm. >> reporter: her bike was not rideable after the crash but she was not injured.
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another bear sighting as people in loudoun county on edge. this one walked through someone's front yard this morning. jackie bensen spoke to the person who took that picture in lees burg. >> i'm talking to my husband on the phone and i go hi, honey and i go there's a bear in the yard. >> reporter: it's not something you expect to see on a manicured front yard but there it was, a bear. it was captured after the usual drama of someone who sees a bear. >> my mom says there's a bear and i'm thinking this is a joke. >> we're staring out the window watching this bear walk to our backyard and we clicked the picture here and the bear continued to walk across the street between those houses. >> reporter: there have been several sightings in the area in recent months. it's time of year that
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two-year-old cubs leave the den. with more space being lost to development, man and bear are crossing paths more often. do leave bears alone. don't leave food outside that will attract them in the first place including open bowls of pet food. >> we're afraid. my brother ran outside because he was trying to get more pictures of the bear and we were freaking out and not wanting to go outside to get him. >> like mama bear. >> reporter: behavior experts say it is not a surprise that the bear is in the yard. back there, a heavily wooded area and just across the street, another wooded area. the experts theorize that the bear was trying to find a new home. reporting from leesburg, jackie bensen, news4. teenagers are talking tonight about their run in with with a grizzly bear over the weekend. seven students from an outdoor leadership school walked up on a
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grizzly bear and her cub on saturday. the mother bear attacked the four teenagers before it retreated. the teenagers were in a remote wilderness area when it happened and they tended to each other's wounds while waiting for rescuers to reach them. >> everything was in disarray. >> one of the most terrifying things. >> the growls from the bear and the screamings were helpless screaming and i can still hear it in my head. >> a per expert said that is it practically unheard of for a grizzly to attack a group that large. here in washington authorities have charged a 16-year-old girl with child abduction after she took off from baltimore with someone else's 7-month-old baby. janay boozer was caring for keown birch on friday night and the two were found in northeast
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washington three days later. the boy was not hurt. boozer is in custody in d.c. and she will face charges as an adult. dozens of post offices in our area may be shut down as the u.s. postal service looks to cut costs. the potomac office is one of 2700 throughout the country being considered for closing. the postal service cites a decline in customers and revenues over several years. the services will be provided at libraries and government buildings in areas that lose the offices. also on the list are offices in heavy chase. still ahead, using medical marijuana to treat autism in children. we'll meet one family doing just that and see what impact it's had. security concerns and the casey anthony trial.
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one thing that is getting done in congress, creating equal access to bathrooms. a new spell of heat and humidity is coming. i'll tell you how intense this one
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the judge in the casey anthony trial says the names of the jurors will remain private until at least late october. ordinarily the names are public after a verdict is renders but the judge cited security
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concerns because of the public outrage over the not guilty verdict. congressman david wu of oregon announced his resignation today amid a sex scandal involving an 18-year-old woman. allegations surfaced that wu forced himself on the daughter of one of his associates last november. he was facing mounting pressure from democratic colleagues to resign. he said he will leave office once the debt ceiling crisis is resolved. the deadline to raise the debt ceiling inches closer. while the politicians were jockeying for position, americans called their representatives angry that a deal can't be reached. and some called it an embarrassment. >> arguing about this and that, do it. >> it's a self-inflicted wound
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and i think that washington should be embarrassed about it. >> neither side is budging. a vote on john boehner's plan could happen on thursday. even if it passes in the house, the support in the senate is unclear. coming up tonight, the battle over a teenaged curfew and whether it makes sense in montgomery county. a sight to behold at the beach.
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a lot of parents will try anything to help treat children with autism. some are turning to an unlikely remedy, medical marijuana. one family, it seems to be helping. >> reporter: plenty of parents give their kids chocolate but this is not a typical bar. mikko is giving her severely autistic 12-year-old son joey chocolate laced with medical marijuana. >> there is nothing you won't do. it happened to be cannabis for our family. >> reporter: she didn't make the decision lightly. but this was joey two and a half years ago. he weighed 42 pounds. a stark contrast to his current weight of 112 pounds. >> he was witering away.
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>> reporter: out of desperation she googled cannabis and autism and she wasn't the only one who made the connection. others found success with medical marijuana as a treatment for autistic children. that's all she needed to get a medical marijuana card for joey. the first time she gave him a pot brownie she saw immediate results. >> everything is improved. he is given one brownie every two to three days. the other medications he was taken every single day twice a day. >> reporter: medical marijuana not only gave him an appetite which we saw for ourselves as he munched on chips during the interview, it helped his behavior. >> he was calm, social, happy, more productive. >> reporter: we called dozens of pediatricians and psychiatrists and experts looking for someone who would be critical of the
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position but no one wanted to talk on camera. we found dr. seth amorman, a stanford professor who is on the committee of pediatric substance abuse and he is concerned. >> parents have their best interests of their kids at heart and want to do what is best for their kids. but as a medical professional who needs to look at the science behind recommendations, i can't in good conscious recommend it. >> before you try any new treatment speak with a doctor to make sure it's right for your child. quite a sight in northwestern pennsylvania, home video caught a water spout as a strong storm passed you will erie county up there. witnesses saw several form but
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most of them disappated over a big lake up there before it reached any land. >> and you don't see that up there often. >> in pennsylvania, no. >> a big improvement in our weather today. a huge improvement. the mid-90s is still hot but at least it wasn't steamy. and we're not going to get worked up about the end of the week. it won't last as long as the last oppressive spell we had to deal with. 76 was the low and a high of 95 degrees. may to date we had 32 days of 90 degrees or higher. last year we had 40 days that were 90 degrees or higher. still a hot pattern with temperatures above average for next couple of weeks. 85 degrees not consecutively though. the dew point at 66.
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normallies the running high but it will drop by tomorrow morning or when we get to the latter part of tomorrow morning and back into the 50s. it will be comfortable. one isolated shower out there making it is way south and east to washington. look at the temperatures. 80 in westchester. and a nice cool down through the area. again it is dry air that is with us as well. the heat index values are high in the midsection of the nation and down through the south. memphis at 97 degrees. dallas, texas way up there. we're going to watch the intense heat once again start sliding to the east. it's going to up again again. by the time we get to thursday, slightly humid conditions around here and temperatures higher. and on friday getting up to 11
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degrees. flirting with a record high and oppressive conditions. the heat index conditions could be 105 to 110 but it won't last as long as the last oppressive spell, only through saturday. nice conditions and sunshine. and friday late this weather front might bring an isolated shower to the area. but the most part, the best chance of rain comes on the weekend on saturday. 66 to 72, clear, cooler and nice tomorrow morning. look for the sunshine back tomorrow. some very comfortable conditions. 89 to 93 degrees. and the four-day forecast, thursday, 94, friday, 99. on saturday a passing shower or storm. and the high 97. by sunday, back to 96 with a bit of rain. and next week low to mid-90s throughout the area. average temperature is 89 degrees. just a little up there.
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so where is donovan taking his talent and grace? >> tonight not anywhere. >> i thought it was done. >> he is going to be going somewhere soon. according to multiple reports the vikings and redskins have been in discussions for trades for mcnabb. now the redskins are holding up the deal according to brian mitchell. he spoke with mcnabb tonight.
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there is no official trade in place yet and the redskins, not mcnabb are holding up the deal. mcnabb does not plan on being t. haynes worth has been a $100 million distraction on the field. things got so bad he was suspended for the last four games of the season and his defensive coordinator publicly
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ripped ripped him during a radio interv interview during the walkout and teamma teammates are speaking out. not ju not just any teammates but pro bowlers. bowl >> >> it wears you down. we d we don't want to talk about and we j and we just want to focus on u as a as a team. and and i thought last year we talked talked too much about individu individuals that you know had problems problems with the organization and and stuff like that instead of trying t trying to perform well. you you know it's hard on you at times an times and it's something that we need t need to do this year and just forget forget about all the nonsense and all and all the negativity and focus as as a team. that's h that's how it is supposed to be done. done. p p we have to stop talking about being being a great team and start prepar preparing as a great >> i >> if my pro bowler says he is distra distracted by it maybe i listen if if i'm manage >> i'm >> i'm not sure he's talking about
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about albert -- i'm not sure he is is talking about guys having to answer answer question. >> >> he talking about the >> >> that's not the way i interpre interpreted it. albert h albert haynes worth signed the richest richest contract in the defensi defensive world and the redskins are are interested in a cornerback who who would also be signing a big deal i deal if he comes to the team. we'll we'll keep you posted on that. the the nationals added a bat to the line-up. line-up. it is it is a bat. they they traded for john in i gomes. he's bat he's batting .211 with 11 runs thi runs this se th the racing presidents were the the best show in town. they they are in a football mood. looks looks like the single wing formati formation. tedd teddy takes the handoff and celebr celebrates too early. nats nats starter jordan zimmermann
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had had another one tonight. zimmer zimmerman gives up six earned runs. ru this i this is the nationals' lone highligh highlight. a bunt a bunt with ryan zimmerman's hops. ho he he gets the out at first but that w that was the only highlight. greg greg dobbs was killing the national nationals tonight all by himsel himsel here here in the seventh he sin to to center. he he was 3 for 5 with five rbis. the the marlins sink the nationals 11-2 11-2 was the >> >> thank you, up
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there is a little more equality equality on capitol hill when it comes to comes to lawmakers and restro restrooms. a a new lady's bathroom opened up just off just off the house floor. it it follows a legal complaint from 200 from 2007 saying that the room room was nicer and closer to the house house floor than the women's room room. they they converted the parliame parliamenttarian's office into the new the new bath lawmakers heard from opponent opponents of a curfew that would force force anybody end the age of 18 to to be home by 11:00 on the
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the district government receiv
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received more complaints about graffiti graffiti in the first five months o months of this year than all of last last year. tonight tonight they took a step to change change that. this this summer the public depart department is teaming with murals murals d.c. that's that's an outfit that teaches young young artists how to legally expres express themselves in a way that is is respectful to the community. tonight tonight the district and murals d.c. d.c. held a panel discussion about wh about what they call the art of vandalis vandalism. througho throughout the summer that progra program will install new murals in in five of the city's eight wards. ward >> >> talented artists >> >> that's the broadcast for >> we' >> we'll see you tom good ni good n


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